Monday, April 13, 2009

What a suprise!

I had taken Noah to band and as we were driving down our road I noticed our Church's van in our driveway.. I thought that was very odd, but figured there was some logical explanation, but certainly never thought it would be Jerry! lol
We got out of our van and the Children's Pastor got out with a video camera.. really wierd! lol Then I saw Jerry walking around the side of the van and just about passed out! I couldn't believe he was here! He kept telling me most likely he would be home in May or possible April.. It was the end of March and there he was! The kids were so exicted, as was I! The Church had known for a bit about it and had tried to set it up to suprise us actually in front of the whole Church but (thankfully for me!) his flight was delayed until Monday! So I got to skip being in front of the whole church (well, they did show the video, and I still looked silly!lol)
The time has gone really fast. Jerry leaves this Wed. We have had a wonderful time though. We went down to Vicksburg, MS to visit Jerry's family. Let me tell you what his sisters know how to cook and put on a meal. They are the most organized women I know.. I wish I had some of their cooking talent. They love to spoil their brother when he comes down too! They made some scrumptios meals! HUGE, yummy steaks, fried fish (that their daddy caught), and a really good chicken spaghetti. Oh and then there was desert.. So much for the diet while there, but oh so worth the calories!! ;-) They made a few different cheesecakes and they were tdf!!
The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and I so enjoyed the visit. I just wish the drive weren't so long. This time we did get a dvd player for the car and that helped quite a bit, except that Luke wanted nothing but Donkey Ollie!!
We took the kids to Branson for a few nights after our stay in MS. We got 2 day passes to Silver Dollar City. The first day was FREEZING! The only good thing was that the kids got to pretty much ride the rides nonstop if they wanted! We only stayed a few hours though before we were frozen like popsicles and HAD to leave. We stayed at a Condo that is operated by our Sunday school teacher. IT was wonderful and homey and anything you could possible need. So if you are ever going to stay in Branson make sure you make arrangements ahead of time to stay at one of Larry and Joan's condos or cabins.. great price and great place!! Here is the link to their site:
Our second day at Silver Dollar City was much better then the first with beautiful weather! We spent a few hours there that day also and then made our way back home.. It is always so much fun to take trips, but oh so wonderful to get home!
We had a great service at Church yesterday and then just spent the rest of the day relaxing. Jerry took the boys to a movie and I spent the day enjoying a quieter house and reading a few books on homesteading... I am making plans for our more "self-sufficient" lifestyle. I have to plan where we will move the garden to this year, the past two years we haven't had the best of luck with anything except cucumbers.. lol We are going to get some chickens for fresh eggs, and some rabbits for meat and a goat or two to help with grass control and possibly later some milk.. we shall see... alot of research and planning still needs to go into it.
Well, my dh is up finally so this is all for today!

Picture was taken during our tour of "Marvel Cave" in Silver Dollar City.