Friday, February 20, 2009

Worked on the house today!

It has been a very long day today! My mom and sister came over to help work on the house. My sister's job was the bathroom, mom had the laundry room. When Jerry gets home from Afghanistan then if we are still in this house we will totally redo the bathroom, but we needed something going now! Michelle did good. It is already looking much warmer and definately more relaxing looking. I can already "see" how it will look done, not perfect, but oh so much more livable! All I will need to really finish it off will be a nice scentsy plug in! ;-)

My mom worked in the laundry room and filled in the cracks and did some other work in there, tomorrow she will paint that. It will be nice to have it done too... not sure what color we will use in there yet, but we have enough cans of paint I am sure we have something that will do! lol

I am going to start work on the boys homemade bunk beds tomorrow. I still am unsure of what color I am going to paint them, but I will figure it out tomorrow.. Something, anything will be better then what we have now, nothing! lol

The boys are so excited about everything, they even wanted to "start packing" already! Talk about anxious! I will try and post some new pictures tomorrow of the progress! I am wiped out now and going to sleep finally!! ;-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is looking at our home from the very back of the yard.

Okay, I am totally lost on this putting the pictures in the post.. this second picture is part of the ditch they dug to prevent flooding.

Going to try one more of the cracks forming...